Buffet at Hotel Reoma No Mori

Dinner Buffet at Hotel Reoma No Mori

All you can eat with over 120 varieties in meals and desserts. Chef specials made before your eyes.

Hotel Reoma No Mori Lunch Buffet

A huge hit! Try over 110 varieties, all you can eat!


Mogu Mogu Family Restaurant

Western and Japanese selections. Child friendly selections such as hamburger steak, udon, as well as desserts.

Pizzacafe festa
Pizza & Café Festa

An Italian restaurant with pizza, pasta, and a global beer selection.

Peddy’s Coffee – Café & Shop

Over 30 types of drinks at this café. Soft-served ice cream also available.

Kirindo Curry Restaurant

Curry Restaurant
Pasta, pilaf, and chicken rice, too!

Noodle Paitan

A ramen-only shop with locally sourced ingredients.

House Pork Bun

Takeout or dine in. Offers local specialties like udon noodles, and Kagawa’s famous chicken thighs.

Dragon Dog

A takeout only hotdog shop. All bread is baked upon order. Also 5 different churros to choose from.

Crepe Window

Crepes made extra-sweet with special Japanese sugar. 9 different flavors of soft-serve available.


A takeout shop. Tasty takoyaki and churros sold here.

Happy Box

Takeout only. French fries, takoyaki, yakisoba, and kitsune udon for a quick treat.

Popcorn House

A very popular takeout shop. Popcorn and fries, but also the popular pot-sticker dog.

Magical Café

A fast-food diner with sausages, yakisoba, soft-cream, and various soft drinks.

Chicken Box

French-fries, chicken nuggets, and chicken skewers for takeout.

Flower Restaurant and Café

A buffet with over 40 dishes and many kids meals.

*Menus, prices, and restaurant availability may be subject to change.
Please take note of this beforehand.

Souvenir Shop

LUCHIA Forest Souvenir Shop

Peddy and Polly goods, also chalked full of Kagawa’s local specialties.

San San Souvenir Market

This market boasts a big selection of both Reoma and Shikoku goods.

Sky & Sea Souvenir Shop

This shop has local specialties like Sanuki Udon as well as original Reoma goodies abound.