Fantastic Parade

Peddy, Polly, and friends stage a thrilling parade
Get the best view in front of the Jungle Stage. This is where the mid-parade performance happens!


Party with Peddy and the crew! (Free to view. About 10 minutes long.)

The Masked Dancers

A fantasy disco event!
Boogie down with the mysterious performers.
(Free to view. About 25 minutes long)

Legend Palace

See 3D projection mapping, a rare sight in Japan.
Beads of light weave and thread to create a stunning new world.
(About 5 minutes)
*You must have a Wide or equivalent ticket.

Wonderful Aurora Show

This grand spectacle uses the latest light technology to recreate an aurora.
(Free to view. About 10 minutes long)

Magical Night

A massive 3D projection mapping show towering 65 meters tall.
A thrilling, captivating, horror fantasy for all.
(Free to view. About 15 minutes long)

asian night
Asian Night

Let the magic of sound and light heal you.
Held daily at the Angkor Wat Temple Exhibit
*You must have a Wide or equivalent ticket..

Firework Fantasia (Seasonal)

Look to the night sky for a dazzling barrage of light and sound, the Firework Fantasia!
(Free to view. About 6 minutes long)