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Guest Rooms

We offer various room styles from standard Japanese rooms to western style rooms with triple beds.

Western Style Room / The 32 square meter rooms are equipped with a bathroom (toilet and bath), and 3 semi-double beds (extra single bed available).

Japanese Style Room / The 32 square meter rooms (10 tatami mats) are equipped with a bathroom (toilet and bath), and futons available for up to 5 people.

Japanese Modern Style Room / Modern Japanese 32 square meter rooms, with wooden interior decoration on the top floor (11th). Toilet only (no bath). Coffee machine included.

Modern Japanese-Western Room / Modern Japanese-Western 60 square meter rooms with wooden interior decoration, top floor (11th). Toilet and shower (no bathtub). Coffee machine included.

Cottage / A 45 square meter cottage located 50 meters from the main building, near the summer outdoor pool. Toilet and shower (no bathtub).

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Hot Spring & Dining







An outdoor forest hot spring surrounded by nature, including seasonally themed baths.





A large and spacious buffet with Japanese, Western, and other featured dishes. Included of course is the local specialty “Sanuki Udon”, and seasonal dishes.


Facilities and Reoma Resort

New Reoma World

New Reoma World Theme Park is just a 3-minute walk from Hotel Reoma no Mori.Enjoy many fun attractions during the day, and the area’s largest winter light display at night.
>>Welcome to New Reoma World

Oriental Trip

Experience an exotic Asian world and Japan’s longest escalator. Take an adventurous stroll through recreated Angkor period temples, buildings, and flower gardens. In the evening, be awed by 360°3D projection art.
>>Take the “Oriental Trip”

Indoor Heated Pool

An all-weather, resort-style, pool heated with wind power, located in the center of the hotel. It is open for relaxation even on rainy or cold days. Also Open on weekends, and winter and spring holidays.


Wi-fi equipped lounge, where you can relax, talk with your friends, or enjoy a coffee break.

Game Area

Children and adults can play games such as Mario Kart, “UFO Catcher” crane games, Japanese Taiko Drum Challenge, and many more.


All you can sing Karaoke from oldies to the latest songs. Four private karaoke rooms available from 9am ~ 12am. Charges apply.

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Activities in the Area

Kagawa Prefecture

In 2016 this area of Japan’s 4th main island, Shikoku, had the highest increase in popularity among foreign visitors. It is famous all over Japan as the home of the popular Japanese noodle dish “udon”. It also boasts beautiful nature filled with rich green mountains overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. You can also experience an abundance of traditional Japanese attractions such as the Marugame Castle. Shikoku Island is well known for the spiritual “pilgrimage tour” of its 88 temples spread all over the island. It also holds the Setouchi International Art Festival, where artists from all over Japan and the world create and display their works.



Ritsurin Garden / About one hour from Hotel Reoma no Mori by car or taxi. This is the largest of the official "cultural asset gardens" of Japan. The garden is arranged as an elongated walking course, with 6 unique ponds, and 13 landscaped hills.

Marugame Castle / About 30 minutes from Hotel Reoma no Mori by car or taxi, or 60 minutes by bus. This famous and beautiful hilltop castle is one of the highest in Japan and features a stone wall. It's one of the 12 remaining castle keeps constructed with wood, and a registered "important cultural property" of Japan.

Kotohira-gu Shrine / 30 minutes from Hotel Reoma no Mori by the free shuttle bus. This popular shrine and sightseeing spot, also known as "Konpira-san", has many tea, udon, and souvenir shops around it.

Uchiwa no Minato Harbor Museum / About 30 minutes from Hotel Reoma no Mori by car or taxi, or 60 minutes by bus. Kagawa prefecture is the top handcrafted fan producer in Japan. You can learn about this traditional craft at this museum and participate in a hands-on fan making workshop (40 minutes).



Access to Takamatsu

From Narita and Haneda Airports. About 1hour 20 minutes to Takamatsu Airport.

From Korea: Please use the direct flight from Incheon Airport to Takamatsu Airport (Air Soul). About 1hour 35 minutes.

From Shanghai: Please use the direct flight from Pudong International Airport to Takamatsu Airport (Spring Air). About 1 hour 30 minutes.

From Taiwan: Please use the direct flight from Taoyuan Airport to Takamatsu Airport (China Airlines). About 2 hours 15 minutes.

From Hong-Kong: Please use the direct flight from Hong Kong International Airport to Takamatsu Airport (HK Express). About 3 hours 20 minutes.

To Takamatsu (or Kotohira) by train:
Take the Sanyo Shinkansen from Kyoto, Shin Osaka, Shin Kobe, Himeji, or Hiroshima to Okayama Station and change to the JR Seto Ohashi Line to Takamatsu Station or Kotohira Station.
To Takamatsu by bus:
Take the JR Shikoku Bus from Kansai International Airport to Takamatsu Station Express Bus Terminal.
Takamatsu by Ferry:
Take the Jumbo Ferry from Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal to Takamatsu Ferry Terminal.
(There is a toll bus to Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal from JR Sannomiya Station, and a free shuttle bus to Takamatsu Station from Takamatsu Ferry Terminal)

Access from Takamatsu to New Reoma World

Takamatsu Station (or Kotohira Station) to New Reoma World by train and taxi: From Takamatsu Station take the kotoden railway to Okada station (about 50 minutes); from Kotohira Station take the Kotoden railway to Okada Station (about 10 minutes).
The travel time between Kotoden Okada Station and New Reoma World by taxi is about 5 minutes.

Round-trip shuttle bus exclusively for Hotel Reoma No Mori guests (1,500 yen/person)

1. From Osaka area
From Shin-Osaka and Umeda
9:00am Depart Shin-Osaka
9:30am Depart Umeda
3:15pm Depart the hotel
7:00pm Arrive in Umeda
7:30 Arrive in Shin-Osaka
From Tennoji and Namba
10:00am Depart Tennoji
10:30am Depart Namba
4:00pm Depart the hotel
7:30pm Arrive in Namba
8:00pm Arrive in Tennoji
2. From Hyogo area
From Himeji and Ninomiya
9:30 Depart Himeji
10:45 Depart Ninomiya
3:20pm Depart the hotel
6:30pm Arrive in Ninomiya
7:30 Arrive in Himeji
3. From Hiroshima area
From Hiroshima and Fukuyama
10:00am Depart Hiroshima
12:00pm Depart Fukuyama
3:30 Depart the hotel
5:15pm Arrive in Fukuyama
7:30pm Arrive in Hiroshima
4. From Okayama area
From Okayama and Kurashiki
1:00pm Depart Okayama
2:00pm Depart Kurashiki
4:00pm Depart the hotel
5:00pm Arrive in Kurashiki
6:00pm Arrive in Okayama
*Bus seats are by reservation. Please reserve in advance.